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Two Weeks into the New Year



It’s about the time of year when people are either still sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions and are proud of it, or… they have completely fallen off the bandwagon and are reevaluating their goals and resolutions. We’re almost three weeks into the new year and I’ve found myself thinking about the changes that a new year brings.

Let’s start with New Year’s Eve. For such an irrelevant holiday (we’re really just celebrating a new number), the pressure to have plans and to have a New Year’s kiss is enormous. Not to mention, the ladies of the world spend weeks planning their perfect outfit and how they will do their makeup. But in reality, New Year’s Eve is just another day, just another turn of the clock. And… for most people in my age group (20s) it’s an excuse to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and spend the first day of the year in bed regretting the previous night.

Yes, it is a great time to reflect and remember the memories and laughs that the year brought. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of fun on New Year’s Eve. However, any day, of any week, of any month can serve the same purpose. This time, we just have to teach ourselves how to write a new year at the top of our paper.

So what is it about New Year’s Eve that makes us feel pressured in so many ways? And why are we expected to have resolutions?

In short, I really do not have a solid, specific answer. But I can tell you, I think it’s unnecessary to put so much pressure and anticipation into ONE day of the year.

When it comes to spending time with friends, having a good time and looking cute, I am all in. However, setting high expectations for one day and for one night is setting yourself at a disadvantage. I’ve found that the spontaneous, unplanned nights are the times where the most fun is had. I have also found that putting so much thought it a single outfit leads me to be more critical of myself and less apt to have a fantastic time. And so what if you don’t get a New Year’s kiss right at midnight? The next day, the next week or even month still counts!

Now, to the part that everyone can relate to… the drinking. We all regret it the next day, but we do it anyway? I’ve never understood the excessive drinking and the hangover the next day. It’s expected that we drink but why? Why can we not have a good time while being sober, or even just a drink or two?


For me, the part that I look forward to is the time to reflect. I don’t put pressure on myself to make a resolution or to make big changes. But, I do love the opportunity to reminisce and talk about the positive things that have happened. This year in particular, I was able to talk with my boyfriend about the amazing, crazy year that we had together and it provided us a time to sit down and talk about events and things that we wanted 2017 to be filled with.

To me, this is exactly what the new year is for and I do not think it needs to be anything more.

If you want to make a change or a new goal, do it. Do it when you think of it, when you feel motivated and when you feel that the time is right. Do not wait! And certainly do not let the pressure of a new number get in the way of meaningful goals and changes. It’s okay not to have a New Year’s Resolution! It’s okay to have a March, April or May resolution. When you feel like it’s time, make a change! You will be far more successful and motivated.


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