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The Waiting Game-Life without class

IMG_6066.JPGFor those of you who don’t know, I am in my last quarter of college at Central Washington and I am playing my last season of softball. However, I may be listed as a student but I am currently not enrolled in ANY classes (I have a 2 credit internship). This is without a doubt FANTASTIC, but I will say I did not expect to be bored enough to write a blog about being bored.

I learned very quickly that my days consist of waiting for practice or waiting for my boyfriend to get home (and then annoying him with my pent up energy).

I am so bored that I ordered myself a novel… I feel old saying this and I have never considered myself a reader but reading seems more productive than watching t.v. on the couch.


I am so bored that going to get coffee has become a habit (merely because it gets me out of the house).

I am so bored that grocery shopping seems like a big event and I no longer dread it (I even get a little excited about it).

I am so bored that I resort to cleaning the house (ask my mom, this is absurd).

I am so bored that folding laundry does not feel like a chore.

There’s something about being extremely bored that initiates self-reflection and thought. My instinct is to look for ways to earn money and look for ways to better prepare myself for the future. But when I actually pause and think about it, I am a college athlete still and having a job is not realistic and I have a job to go home to when I graduate. I really am prepared, yet I still feel a need to prepare myself and be productive.

With that being said, not having class is relaxing and stress free. When we leave for road trips I can take coloring books instead of text books. I can watch movies instead of lectures and I do not have to worry about missing class.

I am patiently waiting for the weather to warm up so I can spend my days sun bathing in the backyard while reading a book.

But for now, I wait. I wait for practice, I wait for the weather to get nice and I wait for graduation and the next stage of life. And while I wait I cherish the moments I have left with my teammates, the final at bats, the final diving plays, the final morning workouts and the final practices.  I no longer take the mornings without an alarm for granted and the days I have no obligations are loved.


It may not be the typical last months of college but I wouldn’t change it. I am beyond blessed to have a time for reflection and to have a time where I can be completely present in the last months of softball.

It may be a waiting game but it’s still a game and for that, I am thankful.