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Your Handbook to Dating a Coach

First off, kudos to you! Dating a coach is not always glorious, nor easy. But if you decide to dive in headfirst or if you’ve already dove in, here are some tips and tricks that may help you and your realtionship thrive! 

Be their biggest fan! 

Just because they aren’t playing the game, making the game winning catch or the buzzer beating basket doesn’t mean they don’t look for you in the stands or want your support! And… take pictures, you’ll be surprised how much they like pictures of them coaching! 

When the game doesn’t go well, don’t press. 
Sometimes it’s best not ask questions or try to console a grumpy coach. Apologize for the loss and try to change the subject. Maybe they just need space. OR, if they do want to talk, just let them and nod your head even if you have no idea what they might be talking about. They may just need to vent! Just like we may need to vent about girl gossip or fashion.

Understand that weekends usually involve games… or practice. 

As much as you may like to think that coaching is easy, it’s not. It involves a lot of sacrifices and that includes evenings, weekends and maybe even some holidays. Get used to spending a weekend at the ballpark or on a flight to watch them coach somewhere (usually in the middle of nowhere)!

Learn the game. 

Whether it’s baseball, rugby or football. Learn the game, learn the rules and learn the players. Being able to understand the game and have a conversation about it will show them you care and they will appreciate it (and maybe even think it’s attractive)!

Wear their teams gear! 

They will love to see you’re rooting for them and their players! Their players become family and that support means more than you think! Get your ball cap on and get ready to clap and maybe even hoot and holler!

Respect their passion. 

If you’re already dating a coach you probably know and if you’re not aware, I’m here to tell you, the paychecks may not be what you expect based on your impression of professional sports or SEC football coaches. But nonetheless, it is likely your coach has a burning passion. A passion that most people cannot relate to. Respect their passion and understand that it makes them truly happy. And… watching them pursue this firey passion is worth it and extremely inspiring. It’s not about the money and that in itself is something to be admired.

Realize their compassion. 

Any person willing to dedicate endless evenings and weekends to young kids or adults is worth keeping. Coaches put in so much more than knowledge of the game. Coaches become mentors and role models and people who shape kids and young adults. A person willing to step into such an important role, is a person you also want in your life. They care about the success of their players beyond the game and that is monumentous. Hold on tight to coaches even when times seem tough. They are caring, compassionate, selfless and dedicated. Support them, stand by them and love them.

Express your support

Often times it’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and the stress. And, dating a coach can mean a lot of time apart. Despite how much you miss them and how frustrating times may feel, don’t forget to express how proud you are of them. When someone pursues a passion so fiercely they deserve respect and support. Just like anyone, coaches need people on their personal team too! Trust me, your expressions won’t go unnoticed.

And finally, to my “coach”… 

Despite how much I hate living summers apart, missing you on weekends and sitting waiting for you to get home from practice, watching you coach is something I look forward to. Your passion, your drive and your dedication are all things that inspire me. Watching you build relationships and seeing how much you care about each player makes me love you even more. The qualities that you display through coaching are all the reasons I am so excited to be your best friend and girlfriend. So, in case you forgot, I support you and I am your biggest fan!

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Valentine’s Day-The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Regardless of your relationship status, you deserve a little love today  (and every other day ). If you’re single, treat yourself and if you’re in a relationship go out of your way to show your love.


Now, it seems simple but we all know it’s not. Valentine’s Day is a lot of pressure whether you’re single or whether you’re in a relationship, or anything in between. And with the pressure, there can be an abundance of mixed emotions associated with it.

The Good:

Valentine’s Day sets aside a time to express your love and show appreciation for each other. It gives us an excuse to eat chocolates and treats, buy flowers, be cheesy and creative with our gifts. It’s a great day to rent a movie, cuddle up and enjoy being present with your loved ones. It’s a day that can make us feel especially loved by friends, family and significant others. Valentine’s Day allows us to plan activities with our friends and it lets us express the way we appreciate the loved ones in our lives. And for the girls out there, it’s a day where we can get dressed up, do our make-up and curl our hair without having a true reason. What’s not to love? Well…

The Bad:

The money, the pressure, the commotion, the stress to name a few. I won’t say I hate Valentine’s Day, but I definitely feel the pressure like most of us do. Standing in the card aisle with what feels like hundreds of other people, reading cheesy cards trying to pick a card that fits my relationship and leaving the store empty handed. Using Pinterest to find clever ideas and only finding cliche or expensive gift ideas. Finally coming up with an idea but can’t find the item, the materials or the time to execute. Feeling worried that your significant other may have spent more money or more time and feeling guilty. And for the singles out there, the grocery stores are flooded with hearts and candy for an entire month ahead of time, stressing the fact that your single every single time you walk in.

The Ugly:

Valentine’s Day does a fantastic job of making those who are not in a relationship feel alone and sad. And it does an even better job of making it apparent that being in a relationship is what society focuses on (at least in the month of February). We’ve all heard it called “single’s awareness day” and to an extent, this is extremely accurate. Being single isn’t a bad thing, yet somehow this one day makes it seem that way. Valentine’s Day makes it hard to be single and it can bring tears and hard feelings. It also can be an extremely difficult day for those who are recently out of a relationship or for those who have lost loved ones. It’s no secret that many individuals ‘hate’ Valentine’s Day simply because of the emotions associated with it. The mushy gushy, the love notes and overload of couples on Valentine’s Day is too much for some to handle. The emotions can be ‘ugly’ but they don’t have to be. Whatever you are and whoever you’re with on this day, embrace it.

Valentine’s Day, not just for couples. Spread a little love today and enjoy whatever you are and whoever you’re with. Embrace the hearts, the red, the pink, treat yourself and indulge in whatever makes your heart happy. Happy Valentine’s Day!