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Las Vegas to Ellensburg, 25 hours?

Last Thursday morning my alarm was set for 4:05am. I hopped out of bed tired, but excited for the weekend that was ahead. Las Vegas was the beginning of the season, and this year, it was the beginning of the final ride of my softball career. Not to mention, we were leaving the subzero temperatures of Ellensburg for 70-degree weather!

Now, Vegas went well and it was a dream come true to wear a t-shirt outside without a parka and beanie on. However, the trip back to Ellensburg was an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

We left the ball field at 4:30pm and headed straight to the airport (no, we did not get to shower). As we parked the rental car we found out our flight was two hours delayed. We then found out that we weren’t able to check our much larger than carry-on sized duffel bags. Here we go…dragging huge duffel bags through the airport. This in itself is never a good way to start the trip home, but looking back at the trip, the two-hour delay was the least of our worries.

Okay, now pretend you’re boarding the plane in Las Vegas with us and for the next few minutes imagine yourself in this situation (and don’t forget, we still have not showered after the game).

After spending hours (four to be exact) in the airport, at 9:30pm we are finally in the air and headed back to Seattle. Around 11pm we are told we were descending into Seattle and will be arriving shortly and the bus is already waiting for us at the airport. As we began to get closer to the runway it became apparent that it was snowing extremely hard in Seattle, the turbulence was terrifying and we became uneasy about the events that we transpiring. As we were about to touch the ground, we sped back up and began going upwards again. After a long ten minutes the pilot notified us of what was going on. We were headed to Portland for an emergency landing. Needless to say, a slight panic attack was taking place for everyone on the flight. Our bus was waiting at SeaTac, not PDX and we were supposed to be back in Ellensburg for class on Monday, it’s already Monday.

After waiting for two hours in Portland, we were in the air on the way back to Seattle. After another bumpy trip, we landed in Seattle at 2am. We headed to baggage claim and after waiting for over an hour, we finally had our bags and were headed to the bus. By the time we were loaded on the bus and driving away with chains on, it was 3:15am. Ellensburg bound, we thought.


As we continued to drive and the snow continued to fall, we checked the pass, CLOSED. It’s 3:30am and the pass is closed, we aren’t going home after all. To Bellevue we go, where we find a hotel and crawl into bed at 4:30am…the sun was beginning to rise. I think I speak for everyone when I say, the frustration was so immense that I could have cried. Exhausted, stressed and frustrated.

Waiting for our hotel rooms in Bellevue.

After a whopping three hours of sleep we wake up for breakfast and begin to plan our trek back home. It’s Monday morning (still) and pass is still closed and the snow is STILL coming down. We are missing class, we are missing practice and we are missing weights. And… all other routes to Ellensburg also include compact snow and ice, chains required and hours of added travel time.

We loaded up the bus (again) at noon and headed toward the pass to wait out the closure. As we waited for the pass to open we shopped, talk about retail therapy. At this point in the trip, we were looking for all the positives possible. A new pair of Nike’s was a temporary mood booster.

FINALLY, around 2pm the pass opened, we chained up again and headed for the summit through the blizzard. In the hundreds of trips I’ve had across the pass I don’t think I have ever seen so much snow. It was as if we were driving through a tunnel of snow because the massive amount of snow piled on the sides of the road.

After three long, stressful hours  of driving and stopping and driving and stopping we took exit 106, Ellensburg. We were home and we were safe. After 25 hours, we were home.

And guess what? In less than 24 hours, we will be on our way back to SeaTac, headed back to Las Vegas airport and getting on ANOTHER bus to Utah. Talk about a crazy week.



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To the Girls that I Spent Freshman Year With

IMG_1208 (2).JPGThere’s something about the friends you spend freshman year of college with that makes them irreplaceable. So here’s to the three girls that got me through freshman year and are still my best friends today.

It’s no secret that the transition from high school to college is enormous. But we all know that the school work and the classes aren’t the biggest change. Going from living with parents and a safety net, to a completely new environment and a new life is far more significant (and much more difficult).

Your friends really do become family and they become the people you depend on day in and day out. Mom may be a phone call away but your friends are the ones you rely on for a much needed hug. From the late nights to the early mornings, you have your friends every step of the way. From the days that go by in the blink of an eye to the days that seem to be a never-ending pit of stress, the same three people were with me. They told me things would be okay (even when they really weren’t), they reminded me to set an alarm for that awful 8am English class and 6am weights and they helped me to smile on the toughest days.

To my Roommate Freshman Year: Thanks for helping me get into bed when I was too sore from softball to do it myself. Thanks for standing in the hallway in a towel with me when we locked ourselves out. Thanks for laughing at stupid jokes and experiencing all the awkward moments with me. Thanks for walking to weights with me at 5:30am EVERYDAY. Thanks for teaching me it’s okay to be a little messy and that folding clothes or matching socks are NOT mandatory. And most of all, thank you for always being there (literally), it wouldn’t have been the same without you.


To the Peer Pressure Queen: Thanks for pushing the rest of us out of our comfort zones (even when it was a terrible idea). Somehow, when you had an idea, it always seemed like a great idea (like taking the mattresses off our beds and riding them down the stairs). So, thanks for all the crazy ideas that you drug us along for. Thanks for being the “fun pusher” because we all know there were many times I would’ve stayed in my room watching Netflix. Thanks for all the “adventures”, the late nights and the ENDLESS inappropriate jokes.


To the Quiet but Sassy One: Thanks for always to be the one laughing at us (sometimes with us). Thanks for never judging us too much. Thanks for all the side comments and the sassy remarks that always made us realize our stupidity and ridiculous ideas. Thanks for always being down for greasy, unhealthy food late at night and for never making me feel bad about eating terribly.  Thanks for being okay with not talking and just sitting in the same room together. Thank you for being the level-headed, responsible one of the group.


Leaving freshman year I never thought I would miss it. I never thought I’d be a senior in college wishing I could go back in time to being on the bottom of the totem pole. However, I truly do miss the times that freshman year brought. I miss eating every meal with my best friends, I miss the long (sometimes frigid) walks to and from practice, I miss being able to walk up the stairs and see my best friends. I miss the late, crazy nights and the absurdly early mornings that we walked to the bus, ready for the next softball trip. For some reason, showing up at their doorstep doesn’t seem quite as acceptable these days. I miss not having to plan to hang out, it just happened.

Although I don’t miss paying for laundry and eating the same meals over and over again. I miss the memories that it gave us and the quality time that we spent together. However, I am beyond thankful for the friendships that developed and the three girls that have become my best friends. They really are the type of friends where you don’t always need to talk, you don’t always need to see each other but the relationship never changes.

So, THANK YOU guys for spending freshman year by my side and for experiencing college with me.